Seller Policy Pages

Seller Policy


MARCA has an independent Seller policy in which major points are as follows:

  • MARCA is not only limited to referring customers to the Seller but accepting orders and Payments on their behalf as well.
  • To continuously improvement of MARCA service, platform policies will evolve and change with prior information to the Seller.
  • MARCA reserves the right to delist the seller and terminate the relationship governed by Customer Protection Policy in order to maintain its reputation for quality and high service standards.
  • MARCA shall provide the Seller with a unique username and password to access the dashboard.
  • MARCA is only responsible to generate sales leads for sellers by featuring their products online. The sale ratio is based on the demand for the product.
  • MARCA is not responsible for incorrect information provided by the seller either color, size, stuff, etc. (i.e. product description provided during the photo shoot)
  • MARCA reserves the right to use publish and store any content that the seller provides.
  • MARCA will take some working days after registration for the Product photo shoot, product description, and uploading afterward shop/vendor will be visible on the MARCA platform/website as per Vendor Agreement
  • If a customer orders products through the MARCA platform. MARCA will be responsible for Communication between b/w vendor and the customer, In Case of direct communication (i.e. shop visit of a customer) MARCA will not be entertained to the customer or vendors.
  • The vendor is responsible to give consent on privacy, support, and return /refund policy (It is available on the MARCA website) further copies will be shared with registered vendors.
  • MARCA team will resolve or mediate any disputes between the seller and a Customer.
  • MARCA will be conveyed Complaints and queries to the Seller /vendor regarding any defective product or else. The vendor shall respond to MARCA within 48 hours of the receipt of such queries or complaints. If a seller fails to respond to any queries or complaints within defined timelines the Product may be de-listed from MARCA.
  • MARCA team will ensure that products are not dangerous and do not contain any hazardous substance, contraband explosives, expiry products, or any kind of prohibited material as per law. In this case, Legal action will be taken by the MARCA team.
  • MARCA team will not tolerate misbehaving of a vendor with a MARCA representative. In case of misconduct, Vendor registration will be called off.
  • MARCA will be promoted registered vendors through different marketing tactics.
  • In case of product unavailability in stock so Vendor will inform to MARCA Operation department on an immediate basis.

Further details will be shared with registered vendors in lieu of confidential matters.