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Return & Refund Policy

Within how many days are buyers allowed to raise a Return/Refund request for Perishable items? 

Refund or return requests category for the Products listed below that are perishable. According to the refund and return policy, the buyer has two days after delivery to seek a return and refund on Marca Marketplace. After this period, Marca won't be able to assess the item's condition, therefore any requests won't be taken into account.

To guarantee that you are totally happy with your purchase if you are not satisfied with your purchase. According to rules and regulations apply to product returns you have two days to request. The buyer receives the merchandise within 14 days.

The company will respond to the inquiry within 5 working days after confirmation of the details. Then our staff will receive the product to you and give you an exchange/return or refund product within 14 days after delivery.

1. What rules and regulations apply to product returns?

The following rules and guidelines apply to customers returning goods to Marca:

1.1  Causes for the return or refund

Products may be returned by customers for the following reasons:

  • Order was not received (such as a package lost in transit).
  • Received a product that was incomplete (e.g. missing parts of product, missing products from order etc).
  • Received incorrect item(s) (e.g., incorrect size/color, incorrect item etc).
  • Received a product with physical defects (e.g. dents, scratches, cracks etc).
  • Received a defective good (e.g. malfunction, does not work as intended etc).

If buyers wish to return a product due to a change of mind, they can’t do.

  • If sellers disagree with the justification for the return or refund, they may file a dispute. In these situations, Marca will look into the situation and offer a reasonable settlement based on the information both parties have supplied.
  • As these shops belong to local markets, buyers and sellers may interact. Therefore, if the buyer communicates with the seller directly and wishes to return the product they purchased through Marca simply because they changed their minds, then according to our policy, there is no such policy for this situation. Marca is not responsible for such a situation.

 If you wish to return a product that you have purchased from Marca, you may only do so in accordance with the terms outlined in our return policy.


Conditions for return

Return/Refund Reason

In new condition

In sealed condition

Complete (with original free gifts, accessories)

With original tags and labels attached

Wrong product (e.g. wrong size/color, different product)


Incomplete/missing product*

Damaged/faulty product


Item Does Not Fit (Wrong Size)**


*If your initial parcel has missing parts/items, your return does not need to be complete.

1.2  Evidence submission

Where relevant, buyers must provide compelling photographic and/or video proof that demonstrates why a return or refund is warranted. Several instances include:

  • Images or videos displaying product flaws or mistakes (for broken or malfunctioning items).
  • Images of the external and inside packing for the package.

Marca could ask for more proof of your claim if:

  • The quality of the submitted evidence is unacceptable. Evidence must be presented that is both clear and credible. Evidence that does not support the buyer’s claim will be rejected.
  • The case has been disputed by the seller, and more investigation is needed.

1.2.1    What are the best supporting documents I can present to support my refund or return request?

           Depending on your justification for the return or refund, different supporting documents may be useful:

1.   Damaged product

·   Images or videos of the goods that demonstrate physical damage (e.g. cracks, defects).

·   Revealing the state of the parcel's interior and external packaging by photo or video.


2.  Faulty product

·   Photo(s) and/or video of the product, showing it does not work as intended (e.g. electronic device that does not work despite connecting to power source/battery inserted).

3.  Incomplete/missing product

·   Photos and/or videos of the goods inside the shipment you just got and received.

·   Picture of the bill that was connected to the package and displays the contents and weight of the package you were supposed to get.

·   A picture of the whole shipment's contents was placed on a scale to determine its true weight.

4.  Wrong product

·   Photos and/or videos of the products inside the shipment you just got and received.

·   Screenshot(s) of the actual product from seller’s listing in Marca App.

·   If the product's size is incorrect, take a photo of the item being measured with a measuring instrument (from one end to the other).


  • Buyers are not required to submit any papers in non-receipt circumstances. In order to analyse the problem, Marca will speak with the seller and logistics partner.
  • The return/refund request will be turned down if the seller can show legal documentation of shipping or if the item is still being delivered. The customer will receive a refund if the item is lost in transit.

1.3 Return of products

In order to prevent damage while shipping to the return destination, buyers should make sure that returned goods are correctly packaged.

If a seller rejects the returned item(s), the buyer should have the following supporting documentation on hand in case there is a need to contest that decision:

  • Official shipping documentation that includes the sender and recipient's names, the shipping address, the delivery service, and the receipt number.
  • Additional proof that an agreement was reached (especially if the buyer is returning using a non-traceable mailing option).

1.3.1  How should I package my package for return or refund?

To avoid any damage while returning the item(s) to the seller/Marca, you should pack them safely in their original packing, such as a cardboard box or polymailer with bubble wrap. You can use your own packaging for the return shipment if the original packaging is damaged.

 Make sure the product(s) are returned complete with all of the original inclusions and in the same condition as when they were first delivered. Such inclusions include, for instance:

  • Original brand packaging
  • Free gifts
  • Warranties
  • Tags
  • Manuals
  • All the accessories provided with the product

You could include a note with the following information inside the package to assist us in processing your return more quickly:

  • Your username on Marca
  • Order ID
  • The justification for the return (e.g. how is the product damaged, malfunctioning, or different from what you ordered).


  • Marca disclaims all responsibility for any damage to your return package resulting from inadequate packaging.
  • Please be aware that your cargo may experience several handling procedures (such as loading, unloading, and sorting) during delivery, and that it must be properly wrapped to endure the full delivery cycle.

2. How do I make a request for a return or refund?

If your order is still covered by the Marca Guarantee and you have not chosen Order Received, you can submit a return/refund request using the Marca App.

To Do So, My Panel Tab > Purchase History > Code (To Select Product) > Order Details(S) > Return/Refund > Send Request > Reason for Request > Send Request


  • Depending on your return/refund reason, different fields will be applicable when filling out the information for your request (e.g. evidence is not required for a non-receipt case).
  • The procedures for requesting returns or refunds for various reasons are similar; the only difference is in the kind of strong supporting documentation you can provide.
  • Only undeliverable, unfinished, or missing items as well as those from the categories of perishables and digital products and services will have the Refund Only option available.

Within 5 working days, your return/refund request will be handled, and you'll be notified by email and an in-app push notification of the outcome:

  • Marca will evaluate the case and get back to you with a resolution for Refund Only situations.
  • You must return the item under Return and Refund situations in order to get your refund (unless otherwise specified).

3. What kind of products are not allowed for Physical Return?

Items classified under the following categories are not returnable for any seller:

Hygienic Matters

  • Men's clothing > Innerwear & Underwear > Underwear
  • Women's clothing > Lingerie & Underwear > Sets
  • Women's clothing > Lingerie & Underwear > Panties
  • Fashion Accessories > Additional Accessories > Masks

Perishable goods

  • Live plants
  • Flower bunch
  • flower bucket
  • live products

Digital goods

  • Deals Near Me
  • Tickets, Gift Cards, and Services


Perishable goods

  • Products with a shorter shelf life and the potential to degrade fast owing to external conditions are considered perishable commodities (e.g. temperature, humidity). Fresh vegetables, baked items, prepared foods, live products, refrigerated and frozen goods, live plants, etc. are some examples.

Hygienic Matters

  • Products that are unsuitable for return for sanitary or health protection concerns are referred to as hygiene-related.

Digital goods

  • Digital products: Virtual items that are given to the consumer without the need for a real item. Examples include gift cards for trips, gaming and phone credits, software, warranties, and online subscription services.

How are returns and refunds for non-returnable items handled?

When raising Return/Refund requests, customers will see the 'Refund Only' option once an item has been mentioned as Non-Returnable in Marca’s system.

Moreover, the complaint needs to be registered within 48 hours with proof pictures. For non-returnable products, Marca will ask the buyer and seller for proof.

Marca has the right to withhold payment to the seller if the refund was the result of the seller's error (e.g., the item was poorly packaged by the seller, the seller did not pack the entire quality, or the seller received the incorrect item).


12.1 Regarding our Return policies a, if you have any inquiries or worries, we welcome you to contact us by e-mail or by physical mail to:


Contact#: +92 304 111 0443

Address: Office No: 182, behind Imtiaz Super Store, 

Block 2 Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh 74600